About Sovereign Africa Ratings

Sovereign Africa Ratings (SAR) is a licensed service provider of sovereign and sub-sovereign rating services. It is driven by the principles of efficient operations and technical competencies that are world class. SAR was formed in order to satisfy a developmental and investment need in Africa and in emerging markets in general. SAR is an organisation that is committed to excellence in the provision of sovereign ratings to all of its clients throughout the continent and the developing world. SAR asserts that it is clear that the needs of emerging markets are unique, and that the length of time it has taken for economic transformation to be realised on a large scale indicates the need for more plurality in the provision of quality economic research, creditworthiness opinion and linked market insights. SAR’s mission is to offer such insights with unerring market relevance, statistical and economic accuracy.
Distinguishing Characteristics Include:
  • Market relevance
  • Balanced approach to investor and sovereign interests
  • Scientific and objective ratings
  • Quality research
  • Innovative approach